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Project title: Development of Local Action Plans for children in street situation in Berat and Saranda Municipalities

Background information


The project “Development of Local Action Plans for children in street situation in Berat and Saranda Municipalities” Supported by Save the Children and Terre Des Hommesaiming strengthening of cross-sectorial cooperation to implement the multi-disciplinary coordinated interventions to protect children in street situation in Berat and Saranda municipalities and capacity building of social workers and police on the child protection protocol and the addendum protocol for the identification and protection of children in street situation.

The project is based on three pillars (1) Need Assessment in two Municipalities, that will consist in participative methodologies through analyzing the specific situation in the targeted municipalities, interviews and focus groups with stakeholders and communities; (2) Drafting the Action Local Plans for children in street situation that will be based on the preliminary needs assessment to determine the intervention priorities, responsibilities of institutions, timelines and budgets needed; (3) Capacity building sessions with local stakeholders.


Specific objective


The expert will be responsible for developing methodology for needs assessment process, gathering relevant data for children in street situation, conducting interviews and focus groups with local stakeholders which will be used to design the Local Action Plan for Children in Street Situation in Saranda.


Requested services, including suggested methodology


This assessment will identify needs of this target group, local socio-economic situation, gaps and opportunities of the local protection system, and social services in particular, level of cooperation between different public and non-public actors, etc. The methodology for the needs assessment will be comprehensive and a mixed one based on the review of existing documents and studies such as appraisal reports, review of the legal framework and specific regulations, statistical official data, focus groups and interviews. The expert will be engaged to develop the methodology of the need assessment, will prepare instruments for data collection such as the semi structured interview for local stakeholders and guidelines for focus groups with public care service providers and NPOs. In total will be conducted about 15 interviews with local stakeholders and 2 focus groups. All the needs assessment process will be developed in close cooperation with SAPCR and targeted municipality.

Required outputs

The senior short term expert will work in close cooperation with the NASW Project Team, Save the Children, SACP and Social Services Department in Saranda Municipality.

  • Prepare the needs assessment methodology;
  • Prepare instruments (interviews and guidelines for focus groups),
  • Conduct in cooperation with junior expert desk review on existing documents and statistic data on child protection issues with special focus on children in street situation in Saranda, interviews and focus groups with local stakeholders.
  • Prepare a need assessment report;
  • Drafting of Action Plan for Children in Street situation in Saranda.


Required Skills and Experience


  • Master of Science Degree from a recognized university in Social Policy and Social Work, Administration of Social Services or related field, preferably Social policy and services and child protection field.
  • Knowledge in research methods in social sciences, social planning and policy, child protection issues.
  • Working experience in a similar role, in condacting reasearch, drafting action plans previous job on child protection issues is preferred.
  • Knowledge on the social, economic and political situation of children in Albania and their problematic.
  • Excellent knowledge of English language.
  • Excellent computer skills.



Interested applicants must submit:


1)  A cover letter in English

2)  Curriculum Vitae in English.



Please send your application to:, no later than 15August 2017



Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.